Depassions' Simple DIY Recipe to Prevent Itchy Braids


Protective styles like braids are supposed to give our hair and scalp a break from constant manipulation. But many of you have probably experienced itchiness and scalp irritation after getting a style that uses synthetic braiding hair - which means your curls and scalp aren't getting the downtime they need. 

As Depassions explains in her video, that's because "synthetic hair is coated in alkaline lye, which does cause irritation for some people... Irritation can cause bumps, hair loss and itchy scalp".

If that info frustrates you - don't worry, you're not alone. We're angry too. But we don't need the anger or the alkaline, and neither do you. So here's Depassions' 2-ingredient DIY trick to treating your braiding hair before you go to the salon, and avoiding the chemicals and the irritation. 

All it takes is a bucket of water and some apple cider vinegar!


Learn more about Depassions on Coco & Curl.  

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