Goodbye to Bumps, Patchiness & Dryness

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Bumps, patchiness & dryness are some of the major roadblocks to getting a healthy, full beard. Here’s some wisdom from the Solo Noir for Men team on how to combat common issues people face when trying to grow their facial hair.

Issue: Patchiness
Solution: Learn to Work with Your Natural Pattern

Natural hair comes in all types, shapes and sizes – people’s hairlines, curl patterns, density and, as a result, their care regimens, vary greatly. It’s no different when it comes to beards.

Some people naturally have full beards from early on in life, while others have patchier growth for some or all of their lives. It’s easy to just want to start from scratch whenever your growth doesn’t match your expectations.

SNFM’s Advice: You can’t change your growth pattern, but you can manipulate it. Invest in a beard brush and brush your beard hair to cover up, or reduce the appearance of, your patchy spots. Eventually, they may grow in.

And if they don’t grow in, find cuts that work best for you.


Issue: Keeping facial hair moisturized as it grows | Dandruff | Itchiness
Solution: Know your moisturizers vs your oils

Moisturizers are good for early stages of growth – when skin and stubble need to be kept in good condition. But fuller beards need an oil boost to stay moisturized.

Try SNFM’s Smooth ™ All-Natural Face + Beard Moisturizer for stubble, and their Muse ™ or Bold ™ all-natural beard oils as your hair grows.  


Issue: Tangles and knots
Solution: Building consistent combing or brushing into your regimen

Whether they’re painful or plainly just annoying, knots are bad for you. SNFM notes that “when you rub in your beard oil, it can’t get to the base of the hair follicle because it gets locked in the tangles”. If knotting gets bad enough, you might have to re-start your beard/mustache journey.

SNFM advises you “grab a comb and some beard oil. Just after your shower or a beard wash session, comb through and remove those knots. Aside from avoiding long-term issues, your beard will also look cleaner and more stylish”.


Issue: Ingrown Hairs and Razor Bumps
Solution: Exfoliation | Pre-shave Prep | Shaving Smart | Tightening and Toning

“It’s no secret – black men are prone to razor bumps and shaving irritation, and we know these bumps often result from shaving facial hair too close. But why does this happen?”

Besides shaving too close to the skin – SNFM boil down the causes of ingrowns and razor bumps to curl pattern and irritation. Curly hair doesn’t grow straight up, but instead can curl into your skin as it tries to break free. Your skin gets irritated – resulting in razor burn.

Luckily, you can take steps to reduce how much and how often this happens. SNFM suggests this shaving routine:      

  • Exfoliate First. Remove and soften skin that can trap growing hair
  • Pre-Shave Prep. Don’t dry shave, prime by wetting with warm water and use a moisturizing shaving cream to soften skin
  • Don’t Shave too Close. SNFM recommends leaving roughly 1 mm of hair above the skin
  • Go With, Not Against, the Grain. Take note of the direction your hair grows in and shave in the same direction
  • Tighten & Tone. Disinfect and tighten your pores immediately after shaving
  • Moisturize Post-Shave.




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Wisdom originally from posts on the Solo Noir For Men blog, “Common Beard Problems and How to Correct Them” and “Ingrown Hairs and Razor Bumps – What You Need to Know.”

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