Milka Yemima Tries Out Atarah's Scalp & Hair Treatment



Over the past couple of weeks Milka Yemima's been trying out Atarah's Scalp & Hair Treatment, and she's found it could particularly benefit Naturals who are transitioning. 

In the original post on her instagram (@milka_jemima_), she noted: 

@cocoandcurl were so kind enough to gift me a bottle of the @atarahhaircare scalp and hair treatment which I’ve been loving for my scalp massages and all over hair oil.

I used to do regular scalp massages when I was transitioning, this is said to stimulate the scalp and encourage growth. 

This treatment is packed with amazing ingredients and smells so good. It contains Jamaican black castor, coconut, jojoba, red pimento, argon, wheat germ and peppermint oils. 

Click here to add Atarah's oil into your scalp and hair treatment routines. 

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