About Us

Coco & Curl is a space for Naturals to research, buy and learn to use products - all in one place.

Our marketplace hosts hair & beauty brands dedicated to the natural lifestyle, while our blog offers advice on the ups & downs we've all experienced in our natural journeys. Above all, we strive to provide the natural community with safe, quality, readily-available products and information.

Who is Coco & Curl for?

Whether you're a seasoned makeup artist, newly transitioning to your natural curls, growing your beard, or just looking to try something new - Coco & Curl is for all Naturals at any point in their journey. 

We are a space for people with all hair textures and skin tones to shop, learn and share natural beauty and culture. 

Our Founders

Hi! We're Sydney & Cierra, and we started Coco & Curl in January 2018, but our story really began when we met as childhood friends. After years of fighting our curls with countless harmful treatments, we decided to go natural in 2012 and 2013, respectively. 

We quickly learned that the natural hair care resources available to us spanned a wide area, and it was difficult to find relevant information that we needed. Then, as we started travelling and living in different places, we noticed that finding and purchasing the right products presented further challenges. We knew we weren't alone in our struggle.

We started Coco & Curl with the idea of having one platform that allows users  to research, buy, and learn to use natural beauty products. Along the way, our goal is to create a community that encourages members to be confident in the hair and skin they’re in.