Coco & Curl Community Guidelines

Coco & Curl is for everyone seeking natural ways to care for and celebrate their hair and skin. To keep this a safe, respectful space, we expect all users and visitors on all of Coco & Curl's channels to:

Respect other members - this goes for their hair, their skin, their bodies, how they identify, their shops or products, their privacy, and overall wellbeing

Avoid using Coco & Curl's spaces to detract from the quality of other users' experiences on our channels. This means refraining from interfering with other members' businesses, avoiding using our channels for spam or harassing other members

We especially do not tolerate harassment (of any kind) or threats to people's wellbeing

Avoid engaging in activities that are illegal or which infringe on other people's rights (civil, human, digital, intellectual property and any other relevant groups of rights)

As much as we want this to be a welcome space for everyone - we can't allow behaviors that detract from other people's physical and mental wellbeing. So Coco & Curl reserves the right to take action against any account or content that violates this policy. That means we have the right to remove content, temporarily or permanently suspend your account and/or ability to use Coco & Curl's spaces.