Laurie Bell

Most people would describe me as effervescent and it’s very accurate to say the least. I am 29 year old Afrolatina and native New Yorker. I was raised in Bushwick pre gentrification and artisanal cafes. I was born in the Dominican Republic and my family immigrated here when I was 8 months old as per my moms recollection.  I work in beauty and fragrance on the side of innovation and my hobbies include all things beauty and skincare, installation art, fashion & experiential retail, plants/florals and books. My passions include encouraging self-confidence in women, supporting my friends, radiating love and light, is eating about inclusivity/diversity and all things brown girl magic.

Hair Texture: I would describe my hair as curly/kinky 4a with some 3c’s scattered through out

Skin Tone/Type: My skin town is definitely tan but I hate the colors tan, beige and sand. I would playfully say I’m more of an empanada brown. I would love to speak on hormonal acne, hyperpigmentation and combination skin.


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