My name is Anesia Lima! I was born in North Carolina, raised in New York, and turned Arizonian in 2016. I’m married to the love of my life, James, and we have a beautiful rainbow baby girl named Juliet. I started going natural in 2009, after my hubby (then boyfriend) told me he loved my hair natural. So I made it my mission to take care of my hair even though I had no idea what transitioning was then. I never did the whole big chop, just let it grow out. So after 6 devacuts, highlights, & postpartum shedding, here I am! Living, Loving, and Helping other curly friends love and embrace their curls as much as I do!

Hair Texture: So my hair is tricky because it has been through so many transitions! I went through the whole transitioning to my natural hair back in 2009. My curls were mostly 3c/4a before I became pregnant in 2017, but my postpartum curls has me on a whole different texture and journey. I am now a mostly 3b curly girl with some looser curls and waves mixed in. So what used to work for my curls don’t anymore, but I’ve been adapting!

Skin Tone/Type: I have like a medium/dark skin tone. I have combination skin, oily/dry mix on my nose and forehead depending on the day. I've been dealing with backacne on and off for a few years, but it has flared up since having my daugther in 2017.



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