Salons Worldwide

We've all been at a point where we're in a new place or just going natural and need help with styling, but don't really know where to go for professional help. You may find some recommendations online or from people you know - still, putting your tresses in a stranger's hands without knowing the quality of their work is a serious leap of faith.

That's why we're continuously putting together lists of Natural-friendly salons all over the world. Our goal is trust over quantity - so we're only including salons that provide a good look at their values and services regarding Natural living. We include links to salons' social media and websites so you can decide for yourself whether to seek their help. 

Salons do not pay for a place on our lists, and we cannot guarantee that their actual services align with the services, quality and values that they present online.

Get in touch with us at if you believe any of these salons shouldn't be on our lists or, hopefully, if you think there are any salons we missed but should definitely know about. 

Check out Natural-friendly salon's we've found in:

North America


Info on salons in these parts of the world coming soon:

Central America

The Caribbean 

South America



The Middle East