My name is Stephanie Small; I attend Westover School, a boarding school in Connecticut. I am currently in the ninth grade. I come from a family of immigrants from Jamaica and now live in New Jersey. Going to an all girls, Connecticut, I have come across the fact that there is not a lot of people of color that look like me, nor do they have places that cater to my hair. Being here, there are also young women here that have the same problem as me, and what I do to help is by helping them do their hair, whether it is box braids, a slick back ponytail and or even washing and blow drying their hair.

For fashion and beauty, I look up to Rihanna, Kehlani, and Jhene Aiko. I am attracted to their aura and how they carry themselves as women of color and I aspire to be just a great as them.


Hair Texture: 3c/4a, low porosity, coarse, normal scalp

Skin Type: My face is on the oily side normally, I get mild breakouts that is now under control. I am a warm tan shade.


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