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Lavender Luxury Ultimate Conditioning Salve 8oz

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Lavender and Eucalyptus combine to support and clean and healthy scalp with their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. 

Aromatherapy benefits of this blend is a balance of soothing and invigoration.



Emulsify in hands to a high shine. Best used on damp skin. A little goes a long way.

Use as a rich body butte ralternative, hair cream on wet or dry hair for wavy to kinky hair types, or beard and bald head protection. 


Essence of Citrine & Selenite Crystal in unrefined shea butter, mango butter, argan, broccoli seed, grapeseed, hempseed, olive, carrot, tamanu oils, proprietary well-being essential oil blend whipped with zen.

Eucalyptus oil aids in stronger hair strands as they grow in via encouraging increased ceramide production. Lavender prevents and soothes scalp inflammation. Citrine activates prosperity consciousness, while selenite positively shifts energy, strengthening your connection to the divine.


****This is a highly concentrated product DO consult with your physician for prolonged use during pregnancy.

****Avoid use on infants.